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Jealousy Stories

Real Women's Stories of Real Jealousy Experience


For most of these women, just telling their personal story of Jealousy to another trusted person is VERY hard. Here, they have went a major step past that. They have written their stories for you to read and learn from and to build womens self-esteem. Some of these women are still enduring the pain and are looking for a way out. All of these women should be applauded for their strength and courage to tell their true Jealousy stories and to help others. For most of these women, this has made them re-live a past, and present that they would much rather forget. They have written their jealousy stories for you and for themselves, in hope.

You will read about real women being caught in a prison of control. This control has them stuck in negative thoughts. Thoughts about losing their partners, thoughts about not being seen as the apple of their partners eye, thoughts about their fear when another woman is in view of her partner and even thoughts about how invisible they feel every second of their day.

You will read their stories about how they feel as if they are standing outside a glass wall, watching their entire relationship destruct and cannot do anything to stop it.

Caution: these jealousy stories are from real life experiences and un-edited.

Some of the stories that are written from these women contain graphic language, offensive words, and are very detailed in thier descriptions of the abuse that they have endured and are still going through.


 Are your thoughts out of control?

 Below, are the titles of each article. Below each title is a "Teaser", that gives you a glimpse of what the jealousy story is about. Click the title to see the entire article!




The other night while I was looking in the mirror, the same sibling that calls Mom every 2 minutes when we're out together, starts calling me Blubber Whale and Fat Ass. Mom doesn't discipline, but instead seems amused. I let it go.

  Learning a Life Lesson the Hard Way...

"Drug me from inside a friends house by my hair, shoved me through the door and over the deck railing so he could proceed to drag me and punch me, pulling me to the truck, yelling about..."

  Who Am I?

"If a girl comes on T.V. and I'm sitting there with my boyfriend, I will automatically imply that he is lusting after her, and she was only on T.V. for 2 seconds! Every thought of mine is..."

  Jealousy as an Illness

"I get jealous of every pretty girl that walks in the room, passes us or is on TV. I feel like he is lusting after every one of them, even just him slightly desiring her, makes me feel crazy inside....."

  Jealous Rage

"Jealous Rage- He placed pass code for his cell phone and blocked other viewers from seeing his on line profile, which leads me to believe that he, is hiding something..."

  I'm Still Here

"My dad would be entering my room on many many occassions to take me into his room and I'd be abused in many ways...."

  When I want your opinions...

"Her jealousy toward his eighteen-years-junior wife was obvious. Regardless, for me, there was no getting comfortable with the feeling of being controlled. If I disagreed, would I lose her? She's already told me she's walked out on several relationships where she wasn't happy, and her son's words: "You're the longest any guy has lasted with her" weighed heavily..."

  Perception vs. Jealousy and Deception

"It became clear to me that, the person you believe you know, sometimes is not at all known until you get to know them well."

  Is It Me or Is It Him?

"Kevin left and I married Harry on the rebound. It was great not to have to spy on my mate, or listen in on his phone calls, or drive around following him..."

  Out of Control!

He would have women calling his phone all hours of the night. Not just one but like 7. I lived this life for over 6 years...






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