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Attracting the Man Over 30


Book- Attracting the Man over 30
Authors-Teresa Barton & Mark Alexander
Publisher: Barton Alexander Publishing (January 1, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN: 0977085538

The book, “
Attracting the Man over 30” is definitely a unique way of reintroducing the historical nature of the beast so to speak. The beast being the male and I do not say that in any way shape or form negatively. The book also reminds us of why women are driven to be women. This book shares with its readers the results of a survey involving 2,500 men over 30 years old. Also an added feature to Teresa Barton and Mark Alexander’s book is when they asked 60 women to test out their survey findings in order to confirm that their data was valid and achieved an amazing 73% success rate.

Teresa Barton and Mark Alexander have worked in the information technology field for 25 years and have been happily married for 10 years at this point. Together they worked to bring their readers a very well put together survey in hopes to give more women a better chance in determining their future relationships.

The beginning of the book is very interesting and curious as it reminds the reader of the beginning of man, and how he has evolved to this date. I will admit that I was very curious as to exactly where this subject was going to take me. As I moved along in the book, it all seemed to make incredible sense. The importance of understanding the habits of the first men and women so that we can understand the why’s of certain questions today.

Attracting the Man over 30 shares and awakens so many real facts in regards to the do’s and don’ts in regards to exactly what type of person does one want to invest any amount of their life time in. Teresa Barton and Mark Alexander spent a huge amount of time and energy in being exact with their survey results. The audience that they are trying to reach through their book is women and men over 30 that are single and unattached. Although I am neither of the latter two, I still found the information from the survey very good hind site material. The material in this book is straight forward and very well written. You will read no slander or negative remarks in regards to either males or females. It is simply true grit facts, facts that will explain to its readers the black and white of the human being and how important these facts are in the dating game of ones life. If you just read the cover and expect just what it says, you will be in for quite a surprise! The Book, "Attracting The Man Over 30", is full of great information for women seeking the right man and also for the woman that wants to keep the man that she has. It tells what men want and also what they look for and need in a relationship. If you want some insight as to what it takes to make a man happy, this will be a wonderful book for you.





WomensSelf-esteem.com highly recommends, “Attracting the Man over 30”!

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