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Apr 10, 2006
6:12 AM
I' am no doctor, but my Aunt had high blood pressure, and she had a problem growing up. When she was little she was very heavy, and always ate potato chips, and then got insulted by kids growing up, and it hurt her badly...that she stopped eating completely, and became bulimic, and anorexia, and very sick.....that she lived in the hospital for a while. They made her eat. She always puked, and so they fed her threw a iv, and she got better, and now she is ok, but since all that she has been threw she still think she is huge, and after a kid she looks in credible...the body of a model I think! She still I look fat? I' am like no way in hell LOVE. Look gorgeous, and she really does! Inside, and out, but I told her also eat whatever she wants, and always work out, and she listened me, and tried it, and she looks, and tells me she feels even better! I eat whatever I want, and always stay 47 minutes on the treadmill at the gym, and use the ab machine, and stay in shape. She does too... working out is the best medicine, and makes you feel better. Since I told her this routine she actually is doing better on her high blood pressure, and it is a lot easier for her! she use to like live in salads, but everyone has got it wrong. Have you ever see a person that eats salads looks so thin...? I have seen people eat salads all day long, and they look heavy! It actually is good for you once in a while for go to the bathroom, but not every food. maybe once a day after dinner or before, but not live off of have all day everyday! The dressing on the salads are actually what are making people heavy. Now she has steak, and chicken, and protein, and all the things your body needs, and she feels better. I' am just stating what I believe is healthy, and if you try it, and like it, and it works for you good, but if not...then don't...everyone is different, but if your devoted to do exactly as I say, and eat the way I' am saying, and work out on the treadmill for 47 minutes, and for 4.0 miles per hour, and ab machine, and all that stuff you should be fine, and you wont see a difference till a after a couple of till your metabolism gets fast then do you start loosing weight! Everyone, and well mostly everyone wants a sick, back, and be thin, and in shape, and have a hot body NOW... LOL, but what no one is thinking doing it safe, and smart. Like healthy! People go on supplements, and that’s the worst thing they can do. I wish they never made that crap, but then is what makes the world go round. Not everyone cares about everyone, and like everyone does on this site. I wish people where more like you guys... so sweet, and reality, but then again... I' am grateful enough to have this site, and be honored to at list have the best of the world...right in my hands...right HERE! Life is too short...everyone should enjoy it, and eat what they like....if they can, and make the best of it, and work out, and be HEALTHY! P.S. one more thing...please drink A lot of Aquefina, and Dasni! Poland Springs I heard hurts you..... from a health article me, and my dad is made under a sewage plant!

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Apr 13, 2006
4:23 PM
Holly girl, I luv how you think. Also in regards to your salad advice...noone ever said just eat salad, noone that is smart anyway. It is all about balance. You are totally correct in saying that salad should be eaten as an additional healhty food, not as a main course.
I am so proud of you for this post, I had no idea you were a girl of my thinking where physical fitness comes into play. Talk to me some day about what I have done and still do. Just call me the cardio freak :).
Thank you so much for your advice girl.

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