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Christmas Recipes

Christmas Recipes to Brighten your Holidays

Christmas Recipes!

Christmas Recipes

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Bite-Size Crustless Quiches

Bite-Size Crustless Quiches
Quick and Delicious
1 tablespoon butter or margarine
1/2 cup finely chopped red bell pepper
1/4 cup chopped green onion (white and green parts)
3 large eggs
2 tablespoons milk
2 ounces Cheddar cheese, coarsely grated (1/2 cup)
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper

Makes 18 bite-size quiches.
Preparation time: 10 minutes.
Cooking time: 20 minutes.

Step 1:
Preheat the oven to 425°F. Grease one tray of 24 mini muffin-pan cups (1 3/4- x 1-inch). In a small saucepan, melt butter over moderate heat. Add bell pepper and onion; saute until soft, about 5 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and let the mixture cool slightly.

Step 2:
In a medium-size bowl, combine eggs, milk, cheese, salt, and pepper. Stir in the bell pepper and onions. Spoon about 1 tablespoon of the mixture into each muffin cup. (The mixture will fill 18 to 22 cups.)

Step 3:
Bake until the centers are set, 8 to 10 minutes. Let the quiches cool for 1 minute. Using a knife, loosen the quiches around the edges and remove from the cups. Arrange them on a platter and serve.

Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad

1 head cauliflower
1 bunch broccoli
1/2 c. chopped celery
1 med. onion, chopped
1 box frozen green peas, unthawed
2 c. Miracle Whip salad dressing
1 c. sour cream or mayonnaise or yogurt
1/3 c. sugar
1 tsp. pepper
1 tsp. garlic salt
1 tsp. Beau Monde seasoning

Cut broccoli and cauliflower into bite sized pieces. Mix all vegetables together. Combine dressings and spices, add to vegetables and toss until all are coated. Salad can be made several days before needed. Keep refrigerated.

Chestnut Turkey Stuffing


 2 lbs. chestnuts

1 c. chicken broth

2 tbsp. butter

1/4 teaspoon sugar Salt and pepper

Slit the chestnuts and bake or roast them for 20 minutes. Remove both skins and place them in a pan with the broth, using only just enough to cover them. Continue cooking the chestnuts until tender and almost dry, shaking to prevent burning. Rub through a fine sieve, and add butter, salt, sugar and pepper. Some recipes also advise the addition of half a cupful of fresh bread crumbs and 1 beaten egg to bind the mixture. The addition of the truffle or truffle peelings is a fancy variation to dress up this sauce when company's coming.

 Submitted by: CM

Christmas Anise Cookie


 Mix the following ingredients until creamy:

 1 c. sugar

 Add 3 eggs and blend.

 Add the following to this mixture:

 1 tsp. baking soda

 1 tsp. salt

2 tsp. cream of tartar

 3-4 drops oil of anise

 Add sufficient flour to make a relatively stiff cookie dough which can be rolled. Mix the dough well and refrigerate for at least 1 hour. FROSTING: 2 egg whites 2 c. powdered sugar 3/4 tsp. cream of tartar 2-3 drops oil of anise (to taste) Beat ingredients with an electric mixer until moist and fluffy. Roll dough to about 1/8" thickness and use Crescent shaped cookie cutters. Bake cookies on ungreased cookie sheet at 375F degrees for 8 to 10 minutes.

Cool on wire rack.

 Frost cookies and sprinkle with red or green sugars or white icing sprinkled with nonpareils if desired.

Christmas Cookie Icing

1 stick butter
1 box confectioners' sugar
Add milk to consistency
1 tsp. vanilla
1 tsp. almond extract
Green or red food coloring if desired

Mix above ingredients together and brush on Christmas cookies that have cooled.

Christmas Eve Punch

1 (32 oz.) bottle cranberry juice cocktail
1 (46 oz.) can unsweetened pineapple juice
2 c. orange juice
2/3 c. lemon juice
1/2 c. sugar
2 tsp. almond extract
1 lg. bottle ginger ale, chilled

Combine first 6 ingredients; chill. To serve, add ginger ale, stirring well. Yield: about 4 1/2 quarts.

Christmas Turkey


 1 tbsp. flour

 1 turkey size bag

 19 x 23 1/2 reynolds

1 med. sized onion

2 stalks celery, sliced

16-20 lb. turkey, thawed & rinsed

2 tbsp. vegetable oil

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Shape flour in bag. Place in roasting pan at least 2 inches deep. Place onion and celery in bag. Remove neck and giblets. Lightly stuff with dressing if desired. Brush with the oil. Place turkey in bag. Close bag with a nylon tie. Makes 6 1/2 inch slits in top of bag. Insert meat thermometer through slit in bag into thigh.

 Bake to 180 degrees for 2 3/4 to 3 1/4 hours. Add 1/2 hour if turkey is stuffed.

 Makes 16- 20 servings.

Chestnut Soup

1/2 lb. chestnuts
2 cups chicken or veal stock
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons flour
2 cups milk
1 teaspoon ground coriander
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1/4 cup sherry
salt, to taste

Boil chestnuts 10 minutes. Remove from water using slotted spoon. Peel while still warm. Shells and inside skins can be removed easily.

Cook the blanched chestnuts until tender in veal or chicken stock, then mash using a food mill or sieve.

Prepare a cream sauce by combining butter, flour, and milk. Add chestnuts and chicken or veal stock in which they were cooked; season with coriander, lemon juice, sherry and salt.

Submitted by: CM

Cranberry Nut Bread

Cranberry Nut Bread


2 c flour
1 c sugar (I use Splenda)
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt (opt)
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 c orange juice
2 Tbsp boiling water
2 Tbsp melted butter
1 beaten egg
1 cup chopped cranberries

Directions (cooking instructions):

Sift together dry ingredients.  Add remaining ingredients and mix.  Bake at 350 for about 1 hour.  Makes one loaf

Posted by Deb Skouge

Cranberry Sauce Salad


 1 c. orange juice

 1 (3 oz.) pkg. orange Jello

 1 c. nut meats

 1 c. cranberry sauce, cut into cubes

 1 c. whipped cream

Heat orange juice to a boil. Add Jello, stir to dissolve and let jell a little. Add nut meats and cranberry sauce. Fold in whipped cream. Refrigerate.

Gingerbread Men Cookies

2 3/4 c. flour
1/2 tsp. soda
1 tsp. ginger
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 c. shortening
1/4 c. brown sugar
3/4 c. molasses
1 beaten egg
1 tsp. hot water
1 tsp. vinegar

Mix all ingredients. Roll onto well floured surface. Cut into gingerbread men. Place on greased cookie sheets dusted with flour. Bake at 350 degrees until brown

Green Beans Almondine

1 lb. green beans
3 tbsp. sliced blanched almonds
2 tbsp. butter
3/4 tsp. salt
1/2 c. water

Cut each green bean lengthwise in half. Set aside. In skillet over medium heat, cook almonds until golden, shaking skillet frequently. Remove almonds to plate.

In skillet over medium heat, in hot butter, cook green beans and salt until beans are lightly browned. Add water. Over high heat, heat to boiling. Reduce heat to low; cover and simmer 10 minutes or until beans are tender-crisp, stirring occasionally. Keep warm until serving. Serves 6.

Holiday Cheese Ball

Holiday Cheese Ball

3 tablespoon finely chopped pecans
1 package (8 ounces) Neufchatel cream cheese (at room temperature)
3 green onions (finely chopped with tops, 1/3 cup)
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1/4 teaspoon hot red pepper sauce
1/4 teaspoon minced garlic
1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese (4 ounces)
1/4 cup minced parsley

Makes about 24 servings.
Preparation time: 15 minutes.
Cooking time: 8 minutes.
Chilling time: 15 minutes.

Step 1:
Preheat the oven to 350° and spread out the pecans in a small pan. Bake, tossing once, for 8 minutes or until toasted. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, place the cream cheese, onions, mustard, red pepper sauce, and garlic. With an electric mixer at moderate speed, beat for 3 minutes or until well blended. Stir in the cheddar cheese. Wrap the mixture in plastic wrap, shape into a 4-inch ball, and chill for 15 minutes.

Step 2:
On wax paper, toss the toasted pecans with the parsley. Unwrap the cheese ball and carefully roll it in the parsley mixture, coating it completely. Rewrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate until time to serve. Place the ball on a serving platter and surround with an assortment of crackers.

Holiday Wassail

Holiday Wassail


1 gallon apple cider
1 cut brown sugar
l can 6 oz. frozen lemonade
1 can 6 oz. frozen o.j.
12 whole cloves
6 whole allspice
1 tsp. ground nutmeg
1 4" cinnamon stick
2 bottles of port (optional)

Directions (cooking instructions)

In a large kettle, combine cider, sugar, lemonade, O.J.  Tie cloves and allspice in piece of cloth or put them in a tea ball (spoon with holes to steep tea) and add to cider.  Add nutmeg and cinnamon stick..simmer 20 min.  Add wine to heat to steaming, not boiling. This recipe can be halved or quartered.  VERY mellow (and will make you mellow too).

Posted by Nancy Peyton

Homemade Bailey`s Irish cream

Blend together: 1 tbsp. Hershey's chocolate syrup 2 tbsp. brewed coffee 3 eggs 1 c. Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk

Then blend in 1 1/2 cups Irish whiskey. Then stir in by hand 1 pint unwhipped whipping cream (or a second in blender). Shake well before each use. Keep refrigerated. 1 1/2 quarts.

Jellied Cranberry Sauce


 1 lg. pkg. strawberry or raspberry Jell-O

1 can whole berry cranberry sauce

 1 Granny Smith apple, peeled and chopped

 2 stalks celery

 chopped Pecans, finely chopped (optional)

 Boil 2 cups water and add dry Jell-O to water. Add the cranberry sauce to hot mixture and stir to dissolve. Add only 1 cup more liquid (cranberry or fruit juice may be used instead of water - do not use pineapple juice). Pour into a metal mold and when Jell-O is partially set, carefully stir in the apple, celery and nuts. Chill in refrigerator overnight. When ready to serve, dip mold for a few seconds in hot water before unmolding.

 Optionally, serve surrounded by chopped fresh fruit or fruit salad.

Mom`s Christmas Cookies


 1 c. shortening

1 c. molasses

1 egg

1 1/2 tsp. baking soda

2 c. flour

1 tsp. salt

1 tsp. cinnamon

 1 tsp. nutmeg

1 c. raisins

1 c. nuts

 3/4 c. Christmas fruits (like used in fruit cakes)

 Slowly melt shortening. Cool. Add molasses and egg. Beat well. Sift together dry ingredients and add nuts, raisins, etc. to the batter. Mix well. Drop on cookie sheet and bake 8-10 minutes at 375 degrees. Yields: about 60.

Orange Eggnog Punch

Orange Eggnog Punch

1 quart reduced-fat dairy eggnog or 1 can (1 quart) eggnog
1 can (12 ounces) frozen orange juice concentrate (thawed)
1 can (12 ounces) ginger ale (chilled)

This traditional holiday beverage gets fresh sparkle and flavor from the addition of ginger ale and orange juice.

Makes eight 7-ounce servings.
Preparation time: 5 minutes.

Step 1:
In a pitcher, stir eggnog and orange juice concentrate until well mixed. Pour in ginger ale and stir gently.

Pineapple Glazed Ham

1 (2 lb.) can boneless ham
1/4 c. dry white wine


1/2 c. pineapple preserves
1/2 tsp. dry mustard
Dash ground cloves

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place ham in small, shallow baking pan. Bake 10 minutes. Pour wine over ham. Bake 20 minutes longer; remove from oven. Increase oven temperature to 450 degrees.

Meanwhile, make pineapple glaze. In small bowl, combine preserves mustard and cloves; mix well. Spread on top and sides of ham. Bake ham 12-20 minutes or until glaze is slightly browned. Remove to serving platter. Garnish with maraschino cherries and parsley, if desired. Makes 6 servings.

Sausage Bites

Sausage Bites

nonstick cooking spray
2 cups buttermilk biscuit mix
1 pound reduced-fat country pork sausage (thawed, if frozen, crumbled)
1 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese with jalapeño peppers (4 ounces)
1/2 cup shredded reduced-fat cheddar cheese (2 ounces)
3 tablespoons low-fat (1% milkfat) milk

Makes about 72 appetizers.
Preparation time: 15 minutes.
Cooking time: 20 minutes.

Step 1:
Preheat the oven to 375° and spray 2 baking sheets with the cooking spray. In a large bowl, using a fork or your hands, mix the biscuit mix, sausage, and cheeses until well blended. Add the milk and blend thoroughly, then roll the mixture into 72 balls, 1 inch in diameter. Arrange the balls on the baking sheets and bake for 20 minutes or just until golden brown. Serve hot with toothpicks.

Sarah`s best Homemade Hot Chocolate


1 tbsp. cocoa powder

 2 tbsp. sugar

 2 tbsp. water

1 c. milk

a bit of vanilla, if desired

Combine cocoa, sugar, and water in a small saucepan. Heat it on low heat, stirring occasionally to prevent the paste from sticking to the pan. After about 1 to 2 minutes, add milk and vanilla. Mix it all together until it reaches your preferred temperature.

Submitted by: sarah wright age 12



2 cups sifted all-purpose flour
3/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter or margarine
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 cup finely chopped pecans
3/4 cup sifted confectioners sugar

Makes about 4 dozen cookies. For more, just double the recipe.
Preparation time: 45 minutes.
Cooking time: 25 minutes.
Cooling time: 15 minutes.

Step 1:
Preheat the oven to 325°F; butter two baking sheets. Onto a piece of wax paper, sift the flour and salt. In a medium-size bowl, with an electric mixer on high, cream the butter and granulated sugar until light and fluffy. Blend in the vanilla.

Step 2:
Using a wooden spoon, stir in the flour mixture, then the pecans. Dust your hands with a little of the confectioners sugar and roll the dough into 1-inch balls. Place 2 inches apart on the baking sheets and bake for 25 minutes or just until light brown.

Step 3:
Transfer to racks to cool for 15 minutes, then roll in the confectioners sugar. These cookies keep well in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks. Do not freeze them.

Spiced Nuts

Spiced Nuts

2 tablespoons (1/4 stick) butter or margarine
1 cup pecan halves
1 cup whole almonds
1 cup dry-roasted unsalted peanuts
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon chili powder
1/2 teaspoon garlic salt
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
Makes 3 cups.
Preparation time: 2 minutes.
Cooking time: 32 minutes.

Step 1:
Preheat the oven to 300°. In a 13- by 9-inch baking pan, place butter; set the pan in the oven to melt the butter. Remove the pan from the oven; add pecans, almonds, peanuts, and Worcestershire sauce to the melted butter. Stir until well mixed.

Step 2:
Bake the nut mixture until it is toasted, stirring occasionally, about 30 minutes. Remove the nuts from the oven and sprinkle the mixture evenly with chili powder, garlic salt, and cayenne pepper. Toss until well mixed.

Transfer the warm nuts to a bowl and serve immediately, or let cool and store them at room temperature in an airtight container until ready to serve.

Shaker Corn Pudding

Shaker Corn Pudding


This holiday favorite can be made w/drained can corn or frozen also. I can be prepared 2 days in advance, but you must shake it well before pouring it into the baking dish. 
3 tbsp. butter & margarine
2 tbsp. granulated sugar
2 tbsp. all-purpose flour
1 tsp. salt
3 eggs
2 c. fresh corn, cut off the cob
1 3/4 c. milk

Directions (cooking instructions) Blend butter with sugar. Add flour and salt; mix well. Beat in eggs, one at a time. Stir in corn and milk. Pour mixture into a buttered 1 1/2 quart casserole dish. Bake in 325 degree oven 45 minutes. Halfway through the baking time, stir the pudding. When done, the pudding will be a golden brown and knife inserted in center will come out clean. Yield 6 servings.

Posted By WSE Member Perny

Sweet Potatoe Casserole

3 cups sweet potatoes, cooked and mashed
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1/2 cup evaporated milk
1 tsp. vanilla
pinch of salt
1/3 cup butter


1/3 cup flour
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup flaked coconut
1 cup chopped pecans
1/3 cup butter, melted

Combine all above ingredients until smooth. Pour into 2 qt. casserole dish. Mix all topping ingredients and spread over sweet potato mixture.

Bake at 350 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes.

Submitted by: Deborah Jones

Turkey Stuffing TURKEY STUFFING 1 pkg Pepperidge Farm Herb Seasoned Stuffing (cubed) 4 cloves garlic, minced 3/4 cup onions, chopped 1 cup butter (2 sticks) 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 cups chicken broth 3 eggs 1/2 cup fresh parsley, chopped 1 teaspoon paprika 1 lb turkey giblets, finely chopped 1/2 cup celery, chopped 1 cup chopped mushrooms 1/2-1 teaspoon Bell Seasoning (or rubbed sage) 1/4 teaspoon each: salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder a light sprinkling of cayenne pepper, if desired 1 teaspoon Knorr's powdered chicken bouillon or Minor's Chicken Soup Base In a large saucepan, sauté chopped giblets and (de-stringed) celery in 1 tablespoon butter and 1 tablespoon olive oil; adding onions and after 2-3 minutes and minced garlic and parsley and mushrooms after 5 minutes. sauté 1 minute more and add chicken broth. Dissolve chicken bouillon in broth. Add paprika, Bell Seasoning, salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder and cayenne pepper. Add remaining butter and stir over low heat for 10 minutes. Stir package of stuffing cubes into broth quickly. Liquid will be absorbed. Turn off heat but leave pan on stove. Allow to sit for 2-3 minutes, then stir in 1 egg at a time using a large wooden spoon, mixing quickly. Stir completely after adding each egg. Stuffing should be somewhat sticky. If it's not holding together, add 1/4-1/2 cup more broth and mix in. Line the bottom of a bread loaf pan with aluminum foil, leaving enough along the sides to cover the top of the pan when folded over. Spray foil inside the pan with oil or non-stick spray. Pat mixture into pan evenly, spreading with spatula or the back of a spoon. Do not press heavily. Shape into a bread loaf shape. Bake in 350 degrees 45 minutes; uncover by removing foil from top and allow to bake another 10-15 minutes or until top is golden brown. Cut into 2 inch slices for each serving. It's easier to remove from the pan if you use a pancake flipper to cut the slices. Baste top with turkey juiced from cooked turkey or gravy before serving. Submitted by: CM

Vegetable Almond Medley

3 lb. (4-5 c.) mixed vegetables
1 c. chopped onion
2 med. cloves minced garlic
1 c. chopped almonds
2 c. water
5 tbsp. butter
3 tbsp. flour
1 tsp. prepared horseradish
Dash of Tabasco
1/2 tsp. dry mustard
1 tbsp. soy sauce
Salt and pepper to taste


1/2 c. toasted almonds
1/2 c. fine bread crumbs

Saute onions and garlic in 2 tablespoons butter. Saute lightly. When onions are translucent, add vegetables. Add the longer cooking vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery) first, soft (zucchini, peppers, mushrooms) later. Saute until cooked to your liking.

Toast 1 cup almonds. Place in blender with water. Puree until smooth. This is "almond milk." Melt 3 tablespoons butter and whisk 3 tablespoons flour. Add almond milk and seasoning, stirring constantly, over low heat. Simmer for 10 minutes or until thickened. Stir occasionally during simmering.

Combine sauteed vegetables with almond sauce. Add salt and pepper to taste. Pour into a large buttered casserole. Sprinkle with combined bread crumbs and chopped, toasted almonds. Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.



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