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Cocktail Recipes

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Cocktail Recipes

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1940s Pineapple Cooler

1940s Pineapple Cooler

1/2 tsp powdered sugar
2 oz carbonated water
2 oz dry white wine
fill carbonated water or ginger ale
cracked ice
orange or lemon peel spiral

Into 12 ounce glass put powdered sugar and 2 ounces carbonated water. Stir. Fill glass with cracked ice and add dry white wine. Fill with carbonated water or ginger ale. Insert spiral of orange or lemon peel (or both) and dangle end over rim of glass.(Makes one 12 ounce serving.)

1960s Mexicola

1960s Mexicola

2 oz tequila
juice of 1/2 lime
fill cola

Use a 12 ounce collins glass with cubes of ice. Fill balance with cola and stir gently.

Between the Sheets

Between the Sheets

1 oz Bacardi rum
1/2 oz Cognac
3 oz passionfruit juice*
1/2 oz
lime juice

Combine in shaker with ice. Serve in rocks glass with lime and cherry.

Margaritas (Perfect)

Margaritas (Perfect)


1  6 oz. can Minute Maid Limeade (frozen)

3/4 can diet 7-up or diet sprite

6 oz. margaritaville Tequilla (use the same can from the Limeade)

3 oz. Triple sec (half fill the limeade can used above)

NOTE: add 3-4 strawberries for a strawberry margarita


Add all ingredients in blender and blend just enough to mix well.

Pour into margarita glasses filled with ice. (keep it healthy, no salt)

Start smiling, your going to enjoy this!

WSE Member Dorothy

Plum Cordial

Plum Cordial

3 Lbs Plums (halved and pitted)

4 Cups Sugar
1 Liter Gin Directions


Store in Glass container for 6 weeks in cool dark area.

Strain thru cheese cloth.
Store in decorative bottles.

Shake the filled bottles daily for the first week of storage.

It makes a great gift for the holidays.


Screaming Orgasm

The Screaming Orgasm

3/4 oz Kahlua
3/4 oz Irish Cream
3/4 oz Amaretto
3/4 oz Vodka

Shake extremely well!

Shady Lady

Shady Lady

1 1/2 oz tequila
3/4 oz Midori
juice of 1 grapefruit

Shake well with ice, strain into rocks glass filled with ice.

Southern Kiss

Southern Kiss

1 1/4 oz. Southern Comfort
3/4 oz. Amaretto

Serve on the rocks or straight up. .

Tequila facts


Blue Agave plantTequila is made from the blue agave plant which looks like a cactus but is a member of the lily family. For the spirit to be considered tequila it must be distilled primarily — no less than 51% from the fermented juice of the blue agave. Tequilas derived from 100% blue agave are considered the best quality. Mixto tequilas make up the difference with non-agave sugars, usually from sugar cane. Tequila doesn't have a worm in it - that would be mezcal.

Where it's made: Tequila is a spirit unique to Mexico and for a spirit to be called tequila it must be produced solely in government-defined regions located principally in the province of Jalisco known as the "mountain of fire."

The varieties: Blanco (white or silver) tequila is unaged and bottled just after distillation. Joven (gold) tequila is created either using unaged tequila and adding coloring and flavoring to soften the flavor or by blending white tequila with other aged or extra-aged tequilas. Resposado (aged) tequila is aged for at least two months in oak barrels or casks. The tequila takes on color and flavor from the wood. Añejo (extra-aged) tequila is aged in barrels not larger than 600 liters for at least a year. The effect of the wood on the color, taste and aroma is more pronounced. Curados tequilas are seasoned with natural fruit flavors.

What does it do? The effects of tequila are legendary. It is considered a fail-safe elixir to get a party going, a suggestive spirit that relaxes inhibitions and the source of too many hangovers. Hangovers can be avoided by drinking lots of water and mixing with 100% blue agave tequila, which must be distilled at least twice for purity. Overall tequila adds kick and bite to a cocktail. Blanco and gold tequila have the most agressive profile, with a very earthy flavor. Aged tequilas are often described as mild and peppery.

How to mix it? Blanco and mixto tequila is most often enjoyed as a shooter with salt and lime. In a cocktail, it is blended with a sweet fruit liqueur or juice. Aged tequila should be sipped and served in a brandy snifter or rocks glass. When served with a meal it is often chased with the mexican Sangrita



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