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Jealousy information for YOU!

JEALOUSY Information! I guarantee that you have NEVER seen Jealousy and your feelings explained in such easy to understand terms as here. This jealousy information is what women have been looking for and what couples really need to stay together. You will be extremely happy to have finally found some real answers. You CAN overcome feelings of jealousy and build your self-esteem! I will tell you right now, that it will not happen over night. It will take time and MUCH understanding. Jealousy has it's roots buried deep in your very being!


Self-esteem and Jealousy

Many women that experience feelings of jealousy also have a low self-esteem. Insecurities in a woman can have serious effects on any relationship and will often lead to, what is felt as, Jealousy. When jealous feelings happen, most women will feel the need to try to control the relationship that they are in or that they feel may be in jeopardy. When a woman has feelings of not being worthy of attention, love, and respect, she will do more harm to her relationship than she will do good. Feelings of inadequacy can damage and even destroy any relationship and you may not even know that you have those feelings. It doesn't matter who you are or what you look like. Jealousy CAN happen to you! If you are having jealousy problems in your relationship, you are in the right place. We are conquering jealousy, one woman at a time, and YOU are next!

Below are a few articles for you to read and get a general understanding of what jealousy is and a few basics of how to overcome that "Green Eyed Monster" called "Jealousy". Please read the information below and also join the Self esteem Forum. There is tons of FREE information in the forum from real women just like yourself.  It's a great place to relax and let out all your feelings, and get live feedback from real women.



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Below,  are the titles of each Jealousy article. Below each article is a "teaser", that gives you a glimpse of what the article is about. Click the title to see the entire article.

The UGLY Return of Jealousy and Low Self-esteem
You have just walked into a restaurant with your partner feeling on top of the game. It's been so long since your negative feelings have taken you down that you have totally left your guard down and open for attack. You spot the threat, you immediately feel a shot go directly through your stomach. You feel yourself losing the ability to maintain a steady breathe. Your strength is weakening so fast that you feel the return of the old familiar panic.
Betrayed By Society

We are dealing with a wide open world where nudity and promiscuity is a very real concern. Couples are challenged every day in the area of commitment. What one might consider a mere look, another will take to heart and see it as a deception. If he is looking at pornography on the internet and it hurts your feelings, you have the right to say "stop" and you also have the right to leave him if he does not stop. Don’t even try to change the things that cannot be changed, but do change what you can.

You are killing US with YOUR jealousy
Jealousy!- Being mistrusted by the one you love is a hardship and a definite pain.
Self-comparison, Self-worth and Uniqueness
If you try to value yourself through the eyes of others or through a comparison of others, you will be doing nothing but denying your own uniqueness. To know your uniqueness and self-worth is to know yourself, without hearing or seeing any other source of comparison.
To Trust or not to Trust
They grow up somehow suffering through the pain and loneliness of living with mistrust. For some they rise above it and use it as a learning tool. For others they become it; mistrusting everyone and everything. A small number of those people seek help and spend many hours and a great deal of energy trying to conquer it.
Jealousy, a lonely place to be!
You really have to experience this emotion to understand its strong hold on a persons mind.
Broken Trust

BROKEN TRUST......ever feel like your entire world has just turned upside down?

CONTROL...who exactly is being controlled?
Does one really feel that they are controlling their mate?
Where Is He Looking & What Is He Thinking?

"I feel if our partners are blatantly checking out other women he is disrespecting us." To say we must accept that others have more outward beauty is one thing. I think it is valid for women to be upset about the societal views of beauty being so narrow. When our partners allow the media to brainwash them into believing that one particular body shape or youth is somehow more beautiful, I think we have every right to question whether they are deserving of us."

Jealousy or Trust...You Choose!

Remember this thought? "I know he wishes that I looked more like her" ? Again a very negative thought process just waiting to eat your insides up in a heartbeat. A positive thought would be, "What a beautiful girl". To think that is simply a realistic thought. Beauty is beauty. A beautiful horse certainly will get much more attention than a horse that is malnourished and not well tended to.






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