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Linda Sommer Farley Interview

Linda Sommer Farley

Live Author Interview at www.WomensSelfesteem.com

 Sunday, February 12, 2006

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Book: A Childhood Taken Away, by a Mother and Grandfather

The evening started out with a bit of general chit-chat with introductions and straightening out a few technical issues, but soon, things were underway with the interview. Here's how it went:

 [Sun Feb 12 16:07:05 PST 2006] Dorothy       Linda is the author of the book A Childhood taken Away by a Mother and a Grandfather.

[Sun Feb 12 16:07:07 PST 2006] powerhse82 you are most welcome


[Sun Feb 12 16:07:56 PST 2006] Dorothy       Linda Farley Is going to share with us a few things about her book!


[Sun Feb 12 16:07:57 PST 2006] Linda           Good Evening Everyone.


[Sun Feb 12 16:08:18 PST 2006] Carol           Hello Linda


[Sun Feb 12 16:08:19 PST 2006] powerhse82 Good evening


[Sun Feb 12 16:08:27 PST 2006] Carol           It’s very nice to meet you         


[Sun Feb 12 16:08:55 PST 2006] Marcy          from me also Linda.


[Sun Feb 12 16:08:57 PST 2006] powerhse82 O.K.


[Sun Feb 12 16:08:59 PST 2006] Linda           It is nice to meet all of you also.


[Sun Feb 12 16:09:29 PST 2006] powerhse82 We are honored that you all could make it


[Sun Feb 12 16:09:48 PST 2006] Linda           Thank You all.


[Sun Feb 12 16:10:05 PST 2006] powerhse82 Everyone all right this evening?


[Sun Feb 12 16:10:42 PST 2006] Linda           Yes - How is everyone.           


[Sun Feb 12 16:12:07 PST 2006] Dorothy       I think we can get things moving~


[Sun Feb 12 16:12:10 PST 2006] Sara I am doing well thank you


[Sun Feb 12 16:12:28 PST 2006] Dorothy       Welcome Ladies and a very special greeting to Linda Farley


[Sun Feb 12 16:12:44 PST 2006] Linda           Thank You!


[Sun Feb 12 16:12:47 PST 2006] Dorothy       Linda, why don’t you start by telling us where you are from?


[Sun Feb 12 16:13:04 PST 2006] Linda           I'm from Springfield, Illinois


[Sun Feb 12 16:13:23 PST 2006] Dorothy       Are you still living there?


[Sun Feb 12 16:13:40 PST 2006] Linda           Yes - I have lived here for 58 years.


[Sun Feb 12 16:13:52 PST 2006] Linda           I'm not telling my age???


[Sun Feb 12 16:14:01 PST 2006] Dorothy       LOL


[Sun Feb 12 16:14:06 PST 2006] Dorothy       that is quite alright.


[Sun Feb 12 16:14:18 PST 2006] Dorothy       That’s not something any of us want to share.


[Sun Feb 12 16:14:33 PST 2006] Dorothy       Linda when did you start writing your book?


[Sun Feb 12 16:14:58 PST 2006] Linda           I started writing my book5 years ago.


[Sun Feb 12 16:15:39 PST 2006] Dorothy       Is that how long it took you to the pint of having it published?


[Sun Feb 12 16:15:43 PST 2006] Dorothy       point*


[Sun Feb 12 16:16:46 PST 2006] Linda           I started writing it and I never sent it in until four years later


[Sun Feb 12 16:18:26 PST 2006] Dorothy       The reason I am asking you about your time segment, is that so many members of my site say that they feel they are too old to start to write a book?


[Sun Feb 12 16:19:19 PST 2006] Linda           No one is never too old! I started writing my book when I was 53 . I'm now a great grandma.


[Sun Feb 12 16:20:58 PST 2006] Dorothy       What drove you or inspired you to actually tell your story, it certainly could not have been easy for you considering the abuse that you had to remember?


[Sun Feb 12 16:22:53 PST 2006] Linda           I lived with knowing that my mother would never love or respect me and the last time she hurt me I decided then and there enough was enough. I was going to do something positive with all that I had gone through.


[Sun Feb 12 16:23:29 PST 2006] Dorothy       I can certainly understand that reason. Did you ever have any therapy?


[Sun Feb 12 16:23:31 PST 2006] Linda           Sorry about the spelling - this is jumping.


[Sun Feb 12 16:23:44 PST 2006] Dorothy       Therapy for learning how to deal with the abuse.


[Sun Feb 12 16:23:51 PST 2006] Dorothy       it is quite alright girl.


[Sun Feb 12 16:24:03 PST 2006] Linda           No - I never did.


[Sun Feb 12 16:24:13 PST 2006] Dorothy       We are not in a spelling Bee..:)


[Sun Feb 12 16:24:32 PST 2006] Linda           Writing my book was the best therapy that I could have.


[Sun Feb 12 16:24:36 PST 2006] Dorothy       Really, so do you feel that writing your book was a form of healing for you?


[Sun Feb 12 16:24:40 PST 2006] Dorothy       HA


[Sun Feb 12 16:24:47 PST 2006] Dorothy       thank you, you read my mind!


[Sun Feb 12 16:25:05 PST 2006] Dorothy       In your book, are all the characters real people?


[Sun Feb 12 16:25:26 PST 2006] Linda           Yes!!


[Sun Feb 12 16:26:07 PST 2006] Dorothy       What made you pick your title?


[Sun Feb 12 16:26:53 PST 2006] Linda           My childhood was very difficult - I wanted to express that.


[Sun Feb 12 16:27:20 PST 2006] Dorothy       Did you think of the title yourself or was it suggested?


[Sun Feb 12 16:27:31 PST 2006] Linda           My mother and grandfather were very mean.


[Sun Feb 12 16:27:42 PST 2006] Dorothy       Yes I read that.


[Sun Feb 12 16:27:53 PST 2006] Linda           I thought of the title myself after soul searching.


[Sun Feb 12 16:28:07 PST 2006] Dorothy       It was a very good choice!


[Sun Feb 12 16:28:12 PST 2006] Dorothy       What about the cover?


[Sun Feb 12 16:28:19 PST 2006] Dorothy       Was that your idea also?


[Sun Feb 12 16:29:10 PST 2006] Linda           The publishing company picked the cover with my approval.


[Sun Feb 12 16:29:57 PST 2006] Linda           I thought it was very thought out as to what the book pertained to.


[Sun Feb 12 16:30:14 PST 2006] Dorothy       They too did a very good job.


[Sun Feb 12 16:30:33 PST 2006] Dorothy       If you had a chance to re-write your book, is there anything that you would change or add?


[Sun Feb 12 16:31:04 PST 2006] Linda           No I would keep it the same.


[Sun Feb 12 16:31:12 PST 2006] Dorothy       :)


[Sun Feb 12 16:31:56 PST 2006] Dorothy       Besides your husband, whom I know was a great supporter of yours, is there anyone else that you could say was a very good supporter in your completing your book?


[Sun Feb 12 16:33:26 PST 2006] Linda           My friends Mr and Mrs Demeyer - They always had faith in me no matter what. They encourage me to my best.


[Sun Feb 12 16:33:55 PST 2006] Linda           to do my best.


[Sun Feb 12 16:34:07 PST 2006] Linda           This is jumping again.


[Sun Feb 12 16:34:12 PST 2006] Linda           Sorry


[Sun Feb 12 16:34:33 PST 2006] Dorothy       I have heard that when people write books sharing a lot of family abuse, that the others named in the book that ay also have experienced abuse, are very much in denial of what happened. Has that happened to you?


[Sun Feb 12 16:34:46 PST 2006] Dorothy       You are doing just fine Linda.


[Sun Feb 12 16:35:40 PST 2006] Linda           A few of my family members were mad when I wrote my book - they wanted me to keep quiet.


[Sun Feb 12 16:36:02 PST 2006] Dorothy       Have they come to understand your reasons?


[Sun Feb 12 16:36:42 PST 2006] Linda           Some have and some are still in denial.


[Sun Feb 12 16:37:05 PST 2006] Linda           I will not let others control me any more.


[Sun Feb 12 16:37:22 PST 2006] Linda           I have my self esteem and life back.


[Sun Feb 12 16:37:30 PST 2006] Dorothy       That is really sad for them. For you on the other hand I and see just by knowing you that you did yourself a great favor by revealing your past monsters.


[Sun Feb 12 16:37:40 PST 2006] Dorothy       Hugggz Linda.


[Sun Feb 12 16:37:52 PST 2006] Linda           They will not take another ounce of my life again.


[Sun Feb 12 16:37:57 PST 2006] Dorothy       What in your thinking was the hardest part of the story to tell?


[Sun Feb 12 16:38:21 PST 2006] Dorothy       Your courage and strength is commendable girl. That’s fact!


[Sun Feb 12 16:38:33 PST 2006] Linda           All about the abuse and relieving it-- IT HURT.


[Sun Feb 12 16:38:51 PST 2006] Dorothy       Huggz again Linda.


[Sun Feb 12 16:38:59 PST 2006] Dorothy       _ that s:)          


[Sun Feb 12 16:39:21 PST 2006] Linda           Not having a mother or grandfather that I could trust was horrible.


[Sun Feb 12 16:39:30 PST 2006] Dorothy       Oh, are you working on another book, I hope thats not too private a question?


[Sun Feb 12 16:39:49 PST 2006] Dorothy       I can not even imagine your struggles Linda.


[Sun Feb 12 16:40:00 PST 2006] Linda           Yes I have recently finished my second book.


[Sun Feb 12 16:40:08 PST 2006] Dorothy       WOW


[Sun Feb 12 16:40:27 PST 2006] Dorothy       Do you have any idea when it will be out there for your readers to purchase?


[Sun Feb 12 16:40:34 PST 2006] Linda           I do know that one can survive if one stays strong and never gives up.


[Sun Feb 12 16:40:49 PST 2006] Linda           It is now at the publishers.


[Sun Feb 12 16:41:18 PST 2006] Linda           I do not have a date at this time.


[Sun Feb 12 16:41:39 PST 2006] Dorothy       Ok, well we will keep up with you on that so we can advertise it.


[Sun Feb 12 16:41:51 PST 2006] Linda           Thank You.


[Sun Feb 12 16:42:11 PST 2006] Dorothy       Linda, what tips could you give a new writer that may save them some time or frustrations in getting a book finished and published?


[Sun Feb 12 16:42:57 PST 2006] Linda           Persistence- never gives up.


[Sun Feb 12 16:43:25 PST 2006] Dorothy       I hear that. Then again that goes for just about any mountain we chose to climb in life.


[Sun Feb 12 16:43:41 PST 2006] Dorothy       Do you have to travel a lot to promote your book?


[Sun Feb 12 16:43:54 PST 2006] Linda           Not at this time.


[Sun Feb 12 16:45:23 PST 2006] Dorothy       Do you have a favorite author?


[Sun Feb 12 16:45:43 PST 2006] Dorothy       Many writers are inspired at some point in their lives by an author.


[Sun Feb 12 16:46:39 PST 2006] Linda           I really don't want to pick one. I admire all who write. We can learn from reading no matter how we fell about an author or what they have written.


[Sun Feb 12 16:46:58 PST 2006] Dorothy       I agree with you 100%


[Sun Feb 12 16:46:58 PST 2006] Linda           feel


[Sun Feb 12 16:47:24 PST 2006] Dorothy       I have read more than enough books and I can say that there are so many talented people in the world.


[Sun Feb 12 16:47:44 PST 2006] Linda           Yes


[Sun Feb 12 16:47:58 PST 2006] Dorothy       One thing about books is they really help others to identify and not feel so alone in the world.


[Sun Feb 12 16:48:12 PST 2006] Dorothy       Especially when the issue is in regards to abuse.


[Sun Feb 12 16:48:39 PST 2006] Dorothy       Real stories are what more people are writing about these days.


[Sun Feb 12 16:48:39 PST 2006] Linda           Yes that is the main reason I wrote my book - to help others in some way.


[Sun Feb 12 16:49:33 PST 2006] Dorothy       Linda, if a women was to write to you and ask you for help to deal with her abuse issues, what would you tell her/


[Sun Feb 12 16:50:28 PST 2006] Linda           The first thing that I would tell her that it is not her fault.


[Sun Feb 12 16:50:59 PST 2006] Dorothy       :0


[Sun Feb 12 16:51:00 PST 2006] Dorothy       :)


[Sun Feb 12 16:51:48 PST 2006] Linda           When I was abused I always thought that I had done something to deserve it.


[Sun Feb 12 16:54:17 PST 2006] Linda           As a little girl I was treated as if my life was nothing.


[Sun Feb 12 16:55:05 PST 2006] Linda           It was hard raising my little brother and sister and being young myself.


[Sun Feb 12 16:55:25 PST 2006] Dorothy       Linda have you ever thought that if it was not for you, your siblings would have been so much more abused.


[Sun Feb 12 16:55:57 PST 2006] Dorothy       i am going to take a break here and ask the other ladies to join us.


[Sun Feb 12 16:56:16 PST 2006] Dorothy       If anyone has any questions or comments for Linda. Please feel free to share.


[Sun Feb 12 16:56:42 PST 2006] Linda           My brother recently told me he was grateful that I protected him when he was little.


[Sun Feb 12 16:56:52 PST 2006] Dorothy       Ahh.


[Sun Feb 12 16:56:55 PST 2006] Linda           he is 55 now.


[Sun Feb 12 16:57:18 PST 2006] Dorothy       Isn’t it strange that no matter when it comes gratuity is always a welcome feeling?


[Sun Feb 12 16:57:39 PST 2006] Linda           Yes - very much so.


[Sun Feb 12 16:57:48 PST 2006] Dorothy       I am so happy that your brother acknowledges your part in his safety that you played.


[Sun Feb 12 16:58:40 PST 2006] Linda           He said he did not want to think of what would have happened to him if I wasn't around.


[Sun Feb 12 16:59:41 PST 2006] Linda           I protected my little sister also from the monster.


[Sun Feb 12 17:00:00 PST 2006] Dorothy       You mentioned in the book that your grandfather abused you 1 time.


[Sun Feb 12 17:00:14 PST 2006] Dorothy       Were there more incidents that the one you described?


[Sun Feb 12 17:00:29 PST 2006] Linda           I watched them as if they were my own children. I knew what would happen if I didn't watch them.


[Sun Feb 12 17:01:01 PST 2006] Linda           Yes - I tell about more abuse in the second book.


[Sun Feb 12 17:01:12 PST 2006] Dorothy       Oh, Ok.


[Sun Feb 12 17:02:49 PST 2006] Dorothy       I don’t know if I have ever told you this Linda, but since I have exposed your book on my site, I have had several women come forward with their own abuse stories, also a few other abuse books have been sent my way to review.


[Sun Feb 12 17:02:54 PST 2006] Linda           He tried often to


[Sun Feb 12 17:03:26 PST 2006] Dorothy       So my dear sweet Linda, not only have you done your family a favor, but you have shared your strength with many other victims of abuse.


[Sun Feb 12 17:04:25 PST 2006] Linda           With all my being that is why I wrote my book. Thank You so much.


[Sun Feb 12 17:04:48 PST 2006] Dorothy       You are very welcome and THANK YOU Linda.


[Sun Feb 12 17:05:11 PST 2006] Dorothy       You are a true inspiration to all women in the world.


[Sun Feb 12 17:06:04 PST 2006] Carol           Linda Did you enjoy writing the book? And did it help you to feel better about it all?


[Sun Feb 12 17:07:11 PST 2006] Linda           I held in my pain for so long. When I wrote my book everything came pouring out. It was a relief.


[Sun Feb 12 17:07:40 PST 2006] Sara How does it make you feel when you hear that your book helps so many others?


[Sun Feb 12 17:07:50 PST 2006] Linda           I felt as if I could start living again.        


[Sun Feb 12 17:08:02 PST 2006] Carol           interesting Linda, thank you for your courage


[Sun Feb 12 17:08:30 PST 2006] Linda           I felt as if I have accomplished a dream that I have had so close to my heart.


[Sun Feb 12 17:09:11 PST 2006] powerhse82 Has this experience changed the way you see yourself?


[Sun Feb 12 17:09:14 PST 2006] Linda           I lived through so much but I wasn't going to let all the anger and pain win.           


[Sun Feb 12 17:10:25 PST 2006] Marcy          Linda how is your mom now, and what does she think of your book now?


[Sun Feb 12 17:10:27 PST 2006] deb48          You are welcome..


[Sun Feb 12 17:11:09 PST 2006] Linda           My mother is 87 and as mean as ever.


[Sun Feb 12 17:11:31 PST 2006] Dorothy       LOL


[Sun Feb 12 17:11:33 PST 2006] Dorothy       Well I can LOL but I hear you.


[Sun Feb 12 17:12:38 PST 2006] Linda           She knows about my book and she doesn’t care. She has no feelings.


[Sun Feb 12 17:12:43 PST 2006] Dorothy       Linda, I hate to ask you this but for our late arrivals, can you give them a short on what your book is about.


[Sun Feb 12 17:13:18 PST 2006] Linda           My book is about the abuse I went through growing up.


[Sun Feb 12 17:13:45 PST 2006] Dorothy       :) Marcy


[Sun Feb 12 17:14:31 PST 2006] Carol           I agree... Great interview and it has been a treat to meet you Linda. It isn’t all that often that you get to meet an accomplished author.


[Sun Feb 12 17:14:40 PST 2006] phoenix        You must find it very therapeutic to get everything down on paper. Almost like a cleansing.


[Sun Feb 12 17:14:44 PST 2006] Linda           My grandfather sexually abused me and my mother mentally and physically abused me.


[Sun Feb 12 17:14:52 PST 2006] Dorothy       CHEERS and Thank You Carol.


[Sun Feb 12 17:15:23 PST 2006] Linda           it was a cleansing of my soul.


[Sun Feb 12 17:15:30 PST 2006] Dorothy       Linda, have you ever thought that your mother herself was so in need of help.


[Sun Feb 12 17:15:40 PST 2006] Dorothy       Her gambling addiction took over her life.


[Sun Feb 12 17:16:14 PST 2006] Linda           She would never admit that- even though she new it.


[Sun Feb 12 17:16:39 PST 2006] Sara Are there times when you just sit back and think wow look what I have done positive with something so negative?


[Sun Feb 12 17:18:14 PST 2006] Linda           Yes - I finally realized that something good can come from something so horrid.


[Sun Feb 12 17:18:58 PST 2006] Linda           My mother was an addictive gambler and nothing mattered to her.


[Sun Feb 12 17:19:17 PST 2006] Dorothy       That was so obvious.


[Sun Feb 12 17:19:23 PST 2006] Linda           My grandfather was sexually abusive to me.


[Sun Feb 12 17:19:43 PST 2006] Linda           They are both are fighting over hell.


[Sun Feb 12 17:19:50 PST 2006] Dorothy       I also thought as I read about how you managed to be so strong even in your early years, as young as in grade 2.


[Sun Feb 12 17:19:56 PST 2006] Linda           Sorry for the language.


[Sun Feb 12 17:20:04 PST 2006] phoenix        You will never know how many people that you have helped through pouring out these painful circumstances of your life. Helping others helps us heal ourselves. Be very proud of your achievement.


[Sun Feb 12 17:20:06 PST 2006] Dorothy       I was so impressed at how you were naturally strong Linda.


[Sun Feb 12 17:20:12 PST 2006] Dorothy       Its ok.. LOL


[Sun Feb 12 17:20:26 PST 2006] Dorothy       I could use a few other words to describe that man.


[Sun Feb 12 17:20:58 PST 2006] Linda           He laughed in my face after what he had done to me.


[Sun Feb 12 17:21:06 PST 2006] Carol           It was a great book Linda; it helped me get through a few things myself.


[Sun Feb 12 17:21:20 PST 2006] Linda           Thank You so much.


[Sun Feb 12 17:22:04 PST 2006] Linda           I spent my childhood keeping my little brother and sister away from him.( the Monster)


[Sun Feb 12 17:22:32 PST 2006] Linda           My mother was never at home - she didn't care what happened to me.


[Sun Feb 12 17:22:34 PST 2006] Dorothy       Linda, how have your own children reacted to your book?


[Sun Feb 12 17:22:53 PST 2006] Carol           And I never thought I would get to meet you Linda. This is really a special treat for me.


[Sun Feb 12 17:22:54 PST 2006] deb48          I made amends to my mom about 2 years ago, and found out that we both had the same fears. I was afraid of putting another disappointed look on her face and she was afraid of the same thing, but even though I want a relationship w my mom, I am afraid too how did you get past that


[Sun Feb 12 17:23:09 PST 2006] Linda           They support me


[Sun Feb 12 17:23:37 PST 2006] Dorothy       Your children support you, that is a very good thing.


[Sun Feb 12 17:24:07 PST 2006] phoenix        Has this writing experience allowed you to be more open in personal relationships? I know that trust is a huge issue when these abuses are present.


[Sun Feb 12 17:24:11 PST 2006] Linda           The last time my mother hurt me I made up my mind that it wouldn't happen again. She had stolen enough of my life.


[Sun Feb 12 17:25:14 PST 2006] Linda           It had taken me a long time to trust others. I 'm so afraid of being hurt again.


[Sun Feb 12 17:26:03 PST 2006] Dorothy       Yes, abuse will do that to a person.


[Sun Feb 12 17:26:16 PST 2006] phoenix        When the people that should love you unconditionally hurt you, it goes with you throughout your life until you take the reigns on it. This has been my experience


[Sun Feb 12 17:26:19 PST 2006] Linda           I have regained my self esteem which was a blessing to me.


[Sun Feb 12 17:26:46 PST 2006] Dorothy       It tends to set up a defense mechanism for life.


[Sun Feb 12 17:26:59 PST 2006] Dorothy       I agree Phoenix


[Sun Feb 12 17:27:16 PST 2006] Dorothy       Linda, is your father still alive?


[Sun Feb 12 17:27:33 PST 2006] Linda           No he passed on in 1983


[Sun Feb 12 17:27:49 PST 2006] Linda           I think he left to get away from my mother.


[Sun Feb 12 17:27:51 PST 2006] Dorothy       Oh, Ok


[Sun Feb 12 17:28:10 PST 2006] phoenix        Someone once said that "If you throw a brick at me, I will use it to build my wall". This is a very hard wall to penetrate, even by people who love you so much.


[Sun Feb 12 17:28:10 PST 2006] Linda           He was a very good man


[Sun Feb 12 17:28:13 PST 2006] Dorothy       He appeared to be a man of a very non-aggressive nature


[Sun Feb 12 17:28:27 PST 2006] Dorothy       That is what I picked up in your book.


[Sun Feb 12 17:28:39 PST 2006] Carol           Your experiences in life, even though tough on you, have been such a huge help to so many others.


[Sun Feb 12 17:28:45 PST 2006] Dorothy       Well said Phoenix.


[Sun Feb 12 17:28:48 PST 2006] Linda           He was so sweet and gentle.


[Sun Feb 12 17:28:53 PST 2006] phoenix        Thank You      


[Sun Feb 12 17:29:15 PST 2006] phoenix        He would have been very proud of your courage.


[Sun Feb 12 17:29:26 PST 2006] Linda           He had to work all the time so he wasn't around much.


[Sun Feb 12 17:29:50 PST 2006] Dorothy       I was always wondering why he never stood up for you more.


[Sun Feb 12 17:29:59 PST 2006] Dorothy       As I was reading I was like talking to him[Sun Feb 12 17:29:59 PST 2006] Dorothy            :)


[Sun Feb 12 17:30:11 PST 2006] Dorothy       That’s how I read, I tend to get into the characters.


[Sun Feb 12 17:30:12 PST 2006] Linda           My mother controlled everything.


[Sun Feb 12 17:30:32 PST 2006] Linda           Even my father’s actions.


[Sun Feb 12 17:31:14 PST 2006] Linda           I could never understand why she loved her boys but not her girls.


[Sun Feb 12 17:31:19 PST 2006] Dorothy       Hm... as much as your mother was the demon in many ways, Linda she did pass down to you her strength to survive


[Sun Feb 12 17:31:28 PST 2006] Dorothy       I guess you can thank her for that


[Sun Feb 12 17:31:39 PST 2006] Linda           Wow   


[Sun Feb 12 17:32:59 PST 2006] Dorothy       Some mothers feel threatened by their daughters


[Sun Feb 12 17:33:07 PST 2006] Dorothy       it is not that odd actually.


[Sun Feb 12 17:33:34 PST 2006] Linda           I needed love so much I felt so empty.


[Sun Feb 12 17:33:57 PST 2006] Dorothy       Yup


[Sun Feb 12 17:34:04 PST 2006] Dorothy       We all need to be nurtured.


[Sun Feb 12 17:34:12 PST 2006] Dorothy       We will die inside without it.


[Sun Feb 12 17:34:35 PST 2006] Dorothy       Linda , you had your siblings to show you that


[Sun Feb 12 17:34:35 PST 2006] Linda           My mother never knew what a great friend she would have had if she would have giving me the chance.


[Sun Feb 12 17:34:48 PST 2006] Dorothy       You loved them and had to be strong for them


[Sun Feb 12 17:35:01 PST 2006] Dorothy       This is true.


[Sun Feb 12 17:35:15 PST 2006] Dorothy       I have to say though, that God does work in mysterious ways.


[Sun Feb 12 17:35:23 PST 2006] Dorothy       Everything does happen for a reason


[Sun Feb 12 17:35:30 PST 2006] Dorothy       Some things we will never understand


[Sun Feb 12 17:35:40 PST 2006] Dorothy       But nevertheless there is a reason.


[Sun Feb 12 17:35:47 PST 2006] Linda           My husband said that my mother makes mommy dearest look like a saint.


[Sun Feb 12 17:35:57 PST 2006] Dorothy       omg


[Sun Feb 12 17:36:03 PST 2006] Dorothy       I never ever saw that movie


[Sun Feb 12 17:36:08 PST 2006] Dorothy       just the previews


[Sun Feb 12 17:36:11 PST 2006] Dorothy       That was enough for me


[Sun Feb 12 17:36:27 PST 2006] Dorothy       I had a mommy dearest and I chose to leave her in my past.


[Sun Feb 12 17:36:32 PST 2006] Linda           I one day will know the reason and that I will be thankful for.


[Sun Feb 12 17:36:45 PST 2006] Dorothy       :)


[Sun Feb 12 17:36:48 PST 2006] Carol           I have really enjoyed the interview. I have never seen one before. How often do you have these Dorothy?


[Sun Feb 12 17:37:21 PST 2006] Dorothy       Oh, thank you for your comment Carol.


[Sun Feb 12 17:37:34 PST 2006] Dorothy       This is my first online interview.


[Sun Feb 12 17:37:40 PST 2006] Dorothy       I am hoping to have more.


[Sun Feb 12 17:37:43 PST 2006] phoenix        This has been a great experience. It makes the book more personal to talk with the writer.


[Sun Feb 12 17:37:50 PST 2006] Dorothy       It seems to be the new way of exposure.


[Sun Feb 12 17:37:58 PST 2006] Carol           Wow! great job to both you AND Linda


[Sun Feb 12 17:38:00 PST 2006] Dorothy       I agree Phoenix.


[Sun Feb 12 17:38:12 PST 2006] Dorothy       Thank You again Linda.


[Sun Feb 12 17:38:33 PST 2006] Dorothy       That is exactly why I am trying to get more authors to touch base with their readers.


[Sun Feb 12 17:38:35 PST 2006] Linda           Your very welcome and thank you all.


[Sun Feb 12 17:38:47 PST 2006] Dorothy       The readers are after all who is purchasing their books.


[Sun Feb 12 17:39:48 PST 2006] Carol           I will buy a couple more in a bit for my family members


[Sun Feb 12 17:39:57 PST 2006] Dorothy       Linda, tell me, was it so nerve racking?


[Sun Feb 12 17:40:13 PST 2006] Dorothy       Sweet Carol, thank you.


[Sun Feb 12 17:40:18 PST 2006] Linda           I'm very grateful to my readers. I truly appreciate them.


[Sun Feb 12 17:40:53 PST 2006] Dorothy       Linda we look forward to your next book


[Sun Feb 12 17:40:55 PST 2006] Linda           This has been very nice.


[Sun Feb 12 17:41:14 PST 2006] Dorothy       Although it is at your cost of pain that you bring us your books.


[Sun Feb 12 17:41:26 PST 2006] Dorothy       I wish you did not have that memory.


[Sun Feb 12 17:41:47 PST 2006] Linda           It is an honor for me to be here.


[Sun Feb 12 17:41:53 PST 2006] Dorothy       :)


[Sun Feb 12 17:41:56 PST 2006] phoenix        Thank you, Linda. I wish you all a good night


[Sun Feb 12 17:42:08 PST 2006] Dorothy       Huggzz Pheonix


[Sun Feb 12 17:42:31 PST 2006] Dorothy       Thank you for joining us.


[Sun Feb 12 17:42:36 PST 2006] Linda           Thank You.     


[Sun Feb 12 17:43:02 PST 2006] Carol           I have to go also. Thank you again Linda. Your book has helped me more than you know.


    Then there was a little bit of general chit-chat and the evening chat ended. It was really great to talk to Linda Sommer Farley about her book and her life. She is a true gem and as one of the members put it, it’s a shame that Linda had to go through what she did in her life, but look how many women she has helped now!






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