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Self esteem Polls for Women


Take these Self esteem Polls for Women

Take our free self-esteem polls for women and see how others feel about the same subject. You can learn a lot from these self esteem polls. Here, you are learning from other women what works for them, and they will learn from you.



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There are literally hundreds of pages of information in this website, all based on lifting YOUR self-esteem to a higher level.

Do you find this website helpful for a woman's self-esteem in any way?

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Date Latest Polls Votes
30-Nov-05 Is this a useful Site Poll? 277 votes
11-Sep-05 Do you write in a daily journal, poll? 116 votes
11-Sep-05 What works best for you to build self-esteem, poll? 146 votes
11-Sep-05 How do you handle jealousy issues, poll? 139 votes
11-Sep-05 If you could change something about yourself, what would it be, poll? 154 votes
11-Sep-05 How well do you accept attention or compliments, poll? 103 votes
11-Sep-05 When does your self-esteem feel most threatened, poll? 111 votes
11-Sep-05 Concernings your life partner: When does your self-esteem feel lower, poll? 100 votes
11-Sep-05 Have you ever been abused, poll? 119 votes
27-May-05 Have you ever considered professional counseling for self-esteem issues, poll? 142 votes
04-May-05 Who do you blame for your low self-esteem, poll? 176 votes
04-May-05 How often do you battle low self-esteem, poll? 173 votes

Why should you take a self esteem poll or get Help from other women?

Getting help from other women is often the most important step a person can take to improve your self-esteem, but it can also be the most difficult. Women with low self-esteem often don't ask for help because they feel they don't deserve it. But since low self-esteem is often caused by how other people have treated you in the past, you may need the help of other people in the present to challenge the critical messages that come from negative past experiences. These self-esteem polls can help you get started.










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