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Healthy Recipes for Women


With just a little bit of inspiration and planning, you can eat healthy, tasty foods that don't break the bank and build self-esteem at the same time. One of the main reasons people eat an unhealthy diet is that they just don't take the time to plan a healthy meal. Just take a minute to copy or jot down one of these nutritious recipes, and take it with you to the grocery store the next time you go. OK, that was the easy part. Now you have to MAKE time to cook the meal. Planning is a key ingredient in healthy recipes. It takes just a couple of minutes to plan out your healthy day, but it can save you hours of time and frustration, and even save your life with healthy, planned choices. Help to build your self-esteem by eating healthy! (For more information on proper eating habits, nutrition, and losing extra weight, please go the Fitness FAQ Page.) To see the Health Living Fitness Calculator, click here.

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