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Unscrambled Eggs

Nadia Brown Author Interview

Sunday April 23, 2006

Live Author Interview at www.WomensSelfesteem.com


The evening started as normal with some general chit-chat, settling of nerves and getting comfortable. Soon the interview was underway! Here's how it went:


[Sun Apr 23 16:08:26 PDT 2006] Dorothy Ladies, I would like to introduce Nadia Brown, author of," Unscrambled Eggs".

[Sun Apr 23 16:08:34 PDT 2006] Nadia -Okay. Yes, I am.

[Sun Apr 23 16:08:41 PDT 2006] Dorothy :)

[Sun Apr 23 16:08:53 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Maybe you can start by telling us a little about yourself.

[Sun Apr 23 16:09:04 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Where you are from, little things like that.

[Sun Apr 23 16:09:28 PDT 2006] Nadia- Well, I am from Miami, Florida. I write full time.

[Sun Apr 23 16:14:52 PDT 2006] Nadia- Music and Maya Angelou
inspired me to write.

[Sun Apr 23 16:15:33 PDT 2006] Nadia- I use to write song lyrics as a child. Though, I wasn't that good. And I think that is where it all began.

[Sun Apr 23 16:15:50 PDT 2006] Dorothy- When did you actually begin writing in general?

[Sun Apr 23 16:16:01 PDT 2006] Nadia- I have always been a fan of female song writers from all genre.

[Sun Apr 23 16:16:24 PDT 2006] Nadia- Probably when I was in six grade.

[Sun Apr 23 16:16:36 PDT 2006] Nadia- It wasn't anything serious.

[Sun Apr 23 16:16:43 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Wow , so you basically had a natural desire to write.

[Sun Apr 23 16:17:03 PDT 2006] Nadia- Yes, and a love for music.

[Sun Apr 23 16:17:09 PDT 2006] Dorothy- What inspired you to write Unscrambled Eggs?

[Sun Apr 23 16:17:55 PDT 2006] Nadia- Joel Olsteen sermon inspired the title poem. As well as my own personal experience.

[Sun Apr 23 16:18:28 PDT 2006] Nadia -The book Unscrambled Eggs is organic, because I did not really intend to publish a book.

[Sun Apr 23 16:18:49 PDT 2006] Nadia- I didn't even think my writing were that good to be published.

[Sun Apr 23 16:19:08 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Wow well now you know. Never ever doubt ones self.

[Sun Apr 23 16:19:11 PDT 2006] Nadia- I'm a perfectionist, like you Dorothy.

[Sun Apr 23 16:19:29 PDT 2006] Dorothy- I luv the analogy in the poem, Unscrambled Eggs.

[Sun Apr 23 16:19:31 PDT 2006] Dorothy- LOL

[Sun Apr 23 16:19:50 PDT 2006] Dorothy-- Oh you think I am a perfectionist, thats quite a compliment there...thank you:)

[Sun Apr 23 16:20:21 PDT 2006] Nadia- The WSE site is lovely!

[Sun Apr 23 16:20:46 PDT 2006] Dorothy- :) thank You

[Sun Apr 23 16:20:49 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Was there anyone else besides Joel Olsteen that inspired your poems?

[Sun Apr 23 16:22:25 PDT 2006] Nadia- He inspired the title poem, but in general my poems are inspired by life, a conversation, a song, a film, .... anything and everything that I feel passionate about or can relate to.

[Sun Apr 23 16:23:00 PDT 2006] Dorothy- I can relate to that totally, many of my articles come from a mere word or a question posed to me.

[Sun Apr 23 16:23:04 PDT 2006] Dorothy- IS there a message that you are trying to send through your words to your readers?

[Sun Apr 23 16:23:18 PDT 2006] Nadia- Though UE is fiction. There are a lot of non fiction pieces.

[Sun Apr 23 16:23:44 PDT 2006] Nadia- The underline theme is about purpose. And that everyone has a divine destiny.

[Sun Apr 23 16:24:20 PDT 2006] Dorothy- I totally picked that up through a few of your poems.

[Sun Apr 23 16:24:25 PDT 2006] Nadia- But, the book speaks about various topics.

[Sun Apr 23 16:24:35 PDT 2006] Dorothy- True, that it does.

[Sun Apr 23 16:24:38 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Your words are very well structured not to mention very deep, have you taken any writing courses to gain that talent?

[Sun Apr 23 16:24:58 PDT 2006] Nadia- No I haven't.

[Sun Apr 23 16:25:12 PDT 2006] Dorothy- I am even more impressed.

[Sun Apr 23 16:25:13 PDT 2006] Nadia- I have never taken a course in poetry.

[Sun Apr 23 16:25:20 PDT 2006] Dorothy- You have a very natural talent then.

[Sun Apr 23 16:25:27 PDT 2006] Nadia- I emulated poets that I admired

[Sun Apr 23 16:25:40 PDT 2006] Nadia- That's how I learned

[Sun Apr 23 16:25:52 PDT 2006]Nadia- Also, I prayed.

[Sun Apr 23 16:25:52 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Aside from the music and peoples sermons, have you a favorite author that you would

call a mentor.
[Sun Apr 23 16:25:58 PDT 2006] Dorothy -:)
[Sun Apr 23 16:26:09 PDT 2006] Dorothy It is nice to know that your prayers were answered.
[Sun Apr 23 16:26:39 PDT 2006] Nadia- Maya Angelou is my favorite author. I also like Billy Collins. And there are many internet poets that l really love.
[Sun Apr 23 16:27:10 PDT 2006] Nadia- God does answer prayers.
[Sun Apr 23 16:27:18 PDT 2006] Dorothy- I can agree with you there, I cannot believe how many poets are online.
[Sun Apr 23 16:27:22 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Is there another Nadia Brown book of poems in the works now?

[Sun Apr 23 16:27:37 PDT 2006] Nadia- There are some great ones.

[Sun Apr 23 16:28:13 PDT 2006] Nadia- Yes. there will be but.. I'm not sure when.

[Sun Apr 23 16:28:21 PDT 2006] Dorothy- You have already told us that you write full time, if you had to rewrite Unscrambled Eggs, is there anything that you would change?

[Sun Apr 23 16:29:03 PDT 2006] Dorothy- What has writing your book done for you in your personal life?

[Sun Apr 23 16:29:14 PDT 2006] Nadia- As an author you have to where so many hats. You are pulled in so many directions. I can't tell you how many times I have felt like a chicken its head cut off.

[Sun Apr 23 16:29:56 PDT 2006] Nadia- No. I wouldn't change anything. It is what it is. With all it warts and all.

[Sun Apr 23 16:30:21 PDT 2006] Nadia- My next project will be a guide for aspiring writers.

[Sun Apr 23 16:30:35 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Wow, I am again impressed.

[Sun Apr 23 16:30:41 PDT 2006] Dorothy- I will definitely want to read that one.

[Sun Apr 23 16:31:12 PDT 2006] Dorothy- What would you say was the hardest part about writing your book.

[Sun Apr 23 16:31:37 PDT 2006] Nadia- I'm not the greatess writer. Though, I still desire to grow in my craft.

[Sun Apr 23 16:32:32 PDT 2006] Nadia- There wasn't really a
hard part, since I just write what I feel, or am inspired by. It comes easy when you write from the heart.

[Sun Apr 23 16:33:25 PDT 2006] Dorothy- That is called true passion.

[Sun Apr 23 16:33:37 PDT 2006] Nadia- It weird because I am so shy. Yet I wrote a book for so many to read.

[Sun Apr 23 16:33:58 PDT 2006] Dorothy- People do many things and cross many barriers with the pen.

[Sun Apr 23 16:35:05 PDT 2006] Nadia- Yeah... they sure do. Audrey Hepburn didn't plan on being an actor. I definitely didn't plan to be writer. I went to school for international business.

[Sun Apr 23 16:35:26 PDT 2006] Nadia- I do hope that my words would inspire others.

[Sun Apr 23 16:35:29 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Wow.

[Sun Apr 23 16:35:41 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Life does change roads when we least expect it.

[Sun Apr 23 16:35:51 PDT 2006] Nadia- Exactly

[Sun Apr 23 16:36:00 PDT 2006] Dorothy- we are almost done with the interview, so grab a seat girl and we will chat in a bit.

[Sun Apr 23 16:36:13 PDT 2006] Nadia- I came full circle sort of speak.

[Sun Apr 23 16:36:29 PDT 2006] Dorothy- It looks like you have found your purpose thats fact.

[Sun Apr 23 16:36:57 PDT 2006] Nadia- Btw... Watch out for
my brother, he is a big football star down here in Miami.

[Sun Apr 23 16:37:18 PDT 2006] Dorothy- In the poem, Two Poem Hands, could you explain to me your reasoning behind the term, Two Poem Hands?

[Sun Apr 23 16:37:24 PDT 2006] Dorothy- LOL I will.

[Sun Apr 23 16:37:32 PDT 2006] Nadia- I did. I think I discovered that when I wrote the title poem Unscrambled Eggs.

[Sun Apr 23 16:37:43 PDT 2006] Nadia- His Name is Kareem.

[Sun Apr 23 16:38:08 PDT 2006] Dorothy- I am not all that up on football, does he play for Miami?

[Sun Apr 23 16:38:14 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Thats a very cool name.

[Sun Apr 23 16:38:42 PDT 2006] Nadia -He plays for the University of Miami. And should be drafted next year.

[Sun Apr 23 16:38:57 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Sweet, I hope he makes it.

[Sun Apr 23 16:39:07 PDT 2006] Nadia- He use to the interviews.

[Sun Apr 23 16:39:16 PDT 2006] Dorothy- I bet he is.

[Sun Apr 23 16:39:27 PDT 2006] Dorothy- LOL I can do an interview on his self-esteem.

[Sun Apr 23 16:39:33 PDT 2006] Dorothy- That should be cute!

[Sun Apr 23 16:39:36 PDT 2006] Dorothy- D winks

[Sun Apr 23 16:39:42 PDT 2006] Nadia- That would be.

[Sun Apr 23 16:40:22 PDT 2006] Nadia- I didn't think you would interview men.

[Sun Apr 23 16:40:28 PDT 2006] Dorothy- LOL

[Sun Apr 23 16:40:33 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Anything is possible

[Sun Apr 23 16:40:44 PDT 2006] Nadia- That is so true.

[Sun Apr 23 16:40:50 PDT 2006] Dorothy- I actually will interview any author that I review their book for.

[Sun Apr 23 16:41:34 PDT 2006] Dorothy I will repeat this question because I really need to know the answer

[Sun Apr 23 16:41:45 PDT 2006] Dorothy- In the poem, Two Poem Hands, could you explain to me your reasoning behind the term, Two Poem Hands?

[Sun Apr 23 16:42:41 PDT 2006] Nadia- There is no reason in particular. Poem represents love and I am referring to the person's hands.

[Sun Apr 23 16:43:06 PDT 2006] Dorothy- I see, I felt that I was trying to hard to figure it out

[Sun Apr 23 16:43:12 PDT 2006] Dorothy- In the poem Blue Night, are you referring to a relationship that you had or is it from someone else’s experience?

[Sun Apr 23 16:43:46 PDT 2006] Nadia- That poem was inspired by one of Maya Angelou's poem.

[Sun Apr 23 16:44:37 PDT 2006] Dorothy- I would like to read her stuff, the more you speak of her the more curious I am getting to be.

[Sun Apr 23 16:44:46 PDT 2006] Nadia- It's wasn't about me. But ironically the poem, There Was No Bell. I was referring to one of my sister.

[Sun Apr 23 16:45:04 PDT 2006] Nadia- Maya poems are quite profound.

[Sun Apr 23 16:45:23 PDT 2006] Dorothy- I will definitely have to check her writings out.

[Sun Apr 23 16:45:32 PDT 2006] Nadia- She writes from the heart and that is what I try to do.

[Sun Apr 23 16:46:09 PDT 2006] Nadia- If you recall I wrote a poem about her entitled "Salute to Maya."

[Sun Apr 23 16:46:24 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Oh ok

[Sun Apr 23 16:46:30 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Now it makes sense yes

[Sun Apr 23 16:46:40 PDT 2006] Dorothy- The feelings that I experienced while reading your poems were all quite sad and almost dark. Do you feel compelled to write when you are in these moods?

[Sun Apr 23 16:47:05 PDT 2006] Nadia- Unscrambled Eggs is not just for poetry lovers but for everyone, even if they don't read poetry.

[Sun Apr 23 16:47:47 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Nadia you have taken on her writing skills in a way

[Sun Apr 23 16:47:54 PDT 2006] Nadia- Yes, that's what drives you. The tone overall is somber.

[Sun Apr 23 16:48:08 PDT 2006] Dorothy- I hope that is a compliment, as far as how you described her in your poem.

[Sun Apr 23 16:48:46 PDT 2006] Nadia- Well, in terms of having a point of view, or having something meaningful to say.

[Sun Apr 23 16:49:11 PDT 2006] Dorothy- I would say both actually.

[Sun Apr 23 16:49:15 PDT 2006] Nadia- But I think there's a difference.

[Sun Apr 23 16:49:53 PDT 2006] Dorothy- But I will read her words before I say more and then I will let you know, So far I am basing my thought on your meaning in your poem.

[Sun Apr 23 16:49:57 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Well my last question is do you have anything to tell new young writers to help them in thier journey`s of fulfilling thier dream as a writer?

[Sun Apr 23 16:50:09 PDT 2006] Dorothy- There is a difference of course

[Sun Apr 23 16:50:31 PDT 2006] Dorothy- You are Nadia and you have your flare of writing and she has hers, on an individual basis.

[Sun Apr 23 16:50:59 PDT 2006] Dorothy- But there is a slight sameness in the style of how your say your words

[Sun Apr 23 16:51:09 PDT 2006] Nadia- I would say that they must have individuallity. And stand out. Being a good writer is not enought.

[Sun Apr 23 16:51:10 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Again I am only going by your poem about her.

[Sun Apr 23 16:51:29 PDT 2006] Dorothy- I will probably have to renage my comments after I have read her words.

[Sun Apr 23 16:51:32 PDT 2006] Dorothy- :)

[Sun Apr 23 16:51:37 PDT 2006] Nadia- Thanks. I'm honored that you feel that way.

[Sun Apr 23 16:51:42 PDT 2006] Dorothy- :)

[Sun Apr 23 16:51:51 PDT 2006] Dorothy- I do have just a littlw question left.

[Sun Apr 23 16:52:05 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Have you had to travel a lot to promote Unscrambled Eggs

[Sun Apr 23 16:52:08 PDT 2006] Dorothy- OK

[Sun Apr 23 16:52:55 PDT 2006] Nadia- I am planning on traveling later this year.

[Sun Apr 23 16:53:22 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Sounds like you will be very busy.

[Sun Apr 23 16:53:58 PDT 2006] Nadia-Yes. You hear it first. Unscrambled Eggs will be a bestseller.

[Sun Apr 23 16:54:20 PDT 2006] Dorothy- Nadia, I want to thank you so much for taking time to appear for my interview. I will now open this up to the ladies that also showed super support in appearing here also.

[Sun Apr 23 16:54:29 PDT 2006] Dorothy- No doubt it will Nadia.

[Sun Apr 23 16:54:36 PDT 2006] Dorothy I will do my best to spread the word.

[Sun Apr 23 16:55:09 PDT 2006] Nadia- Thanks, Dorothy. I will do the same for you. And I truly enjoyed this interview.

[Sun Apr 23 16:55:14 PDT 2006] peg- Yes Nadia.. your book will... are you traveling to sign your books?

[Sun Apr 23 16:55:22 PDT 2006] Dorothy- :)

[Sun Apr 23 16:55:52 PDT 2006] Nadia- I will be, though I have signed a few already.

[Sun Apr 23 16:56:37 PDT 2006] Nadia- Promoting is an ongoing process. There is so much to do. I'm doing them in stages.

[Sun Apr 23 16:56:52 PDT 2006] Nadia- Thanks, everyone for being here.

[Sun Apr 23 16:57:16 PDT 2006] Pamela- Hello Nadia, do you have specific cities and book stores that you will travel to?

[Sun Apr 23 16:57:45 PDT 2006] Nadia- How is everything going with your book, Linda?

[Sun Apr 23 16:58:06 PDT 2006] Linda- Good - thank you.

[Sun Apr 23 16:58:13 PDT 2006] Nadia- No specific sites just yet. But, once I get them I will post it on my site.

[Sun Apr 23 16:58:17 PDT 2006] peg- Maya Angeleo was very insperational..and so are you

[Sun Apr 23 16:58:30 PDT 2006] Nadia- My site is updated regularly.

[Sun Apr 23 16:58:30 PDT 2006] Pamela-- cool thank you

[Sun Apr 23 16:58:34 PDT 2006] peg Thank you Nadia .. for writing your insight and poems.

[Sun Apr 23 16:59:29 PDT 2006] Linda- Are you writing a second book? I hope so.

[Sun Apr 23 16:59:33 PDT 2006] Nadia- Your welcome, Peg! I really appreciate your support.

[Sun Apr 23 16:59:43 PDT 2006] Nadia- I will be.

[Sun Apr 23 17:00:30 PDT 2006] Nadia- But I will perhaps write an authors guide book on promotion first. Perhaps an e-book.

[Sun Apr 23 17:00:58 PDT 2006] Nadia- But I will definitely write another book of poems.

Then there quite a bit more general chit-chat and the interview ended. What a night! And right there at the end, Nadia lets out the next big secret. She WILL be doing another poetry book, an authors guide, and possibly an e-book. Truly a very cool and talented lady. Thank you Nadia Brown for a wonderful evening and for your book "Unscrambled Eggs".

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